We sincerely thank the companies who have supported and used specialized machine products for production of Mousse, spring mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, etc., in the past time.


List of customers who have used ADM's machinery products
Ngoc Long Company (Ha Noi) My Tran Company (Ho Chi Minh City)
Viet Thang Company (Hai Phong) Ty Mousse Company (Ho Chi Minh City)
Han Viet Hai Company (Hai Phong) Tri Thoi Company (Ho Chi Minh City)
Tung Khanh Company (Hai Phong) Mr.Khang's individual household (Ho Chi Minh City)
Nam Gia Company (Quy Nhon - Binh Đinh) Far East Foam Company (Vietnam - Malaysia)
Tan Hoang Gia (Ho Chi Minh City) Casapredo Company (Malaysia)
Vi Đuong Company (Ho Chi Minh City) GMT Company (Japan)
Kim Vinh Duc Company (Ho Chi Minh City) Bach Hop Joint venture (Vietnam - Austria)
Thien Thanh Company (Ho Chi Minh City) Heng Heng Company (Phnom Penh - Campodia)
Uu Viet Company (Ho Chi Minh City) Hua Foam Company (Singapore)
Yan Nak (Campuchia) Hieu Production facilities (Binh Duong)
Vinh Production facilities ( Huong Lo 2 ) Tuan Tinh Company
Trang Production facilities (Binh Chanh) Truong Hung Company
Ton Long Thieu Production facilities ( District 12) Tong Li Company
Quoc Khang Production facilities Thu Tam Company (Đa Nang)
Ms. Mai Production facilities (District 8) The Linh Company
Ly Quang Loi Production facilities Thai Nam
Hung Thanh Tai Production facilities Tan Tien
Nguyen Nghe Production facilities Tan Hung
Ngoc Chau Production facilities Tan Binh
Quach Niem Tu Nem Viet Company
Phuc Hoa Mai Company Hue Dat Company
Van Loc Company (Cu Chi) Havas Company
KTF Company (Binh Dương) Đong Thai Company
Kim Vinh Phat Company Thanh Thuy Company
Kim Le Company Anh Hieu (Campuchia)
Kim Bao Company Anh Đuc (Campuchia)
IMG Company Ms. Yen
NTV Company Chu Van Canh
Nitori Furniture VN Company (Hà Nội) Uncle Ha (Van Than-Binh Tiên District 6)

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