Benefits Of Spring Mattress Bring Users

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Benefits Of Spring Mattress Bring Users

We often spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so prepare your sleep for yourself by choosing the best spring mattress for a restful and restful sleep. Complete, start the new day with the spirit of working best. Especially high-quality pocket spring mattress is very beneficial for those suffering from back pain, the elderly and young children. Please refer to the article The Benefits of the Spring Mattress For Users and immediately return to your family a spring mattress like the best.

We cannot deny the importance of a smooth spring mattress that will bring many benefits to users' health. In a 2011 user survey, the National Sleep Foundation found that 92% of people say a comfortable mattress is important to have a good night's sleep. The following are the benefits that a quality spring mattress gives users:

- Support to reduce fatigue:

A comfortable mattress, suitable for the body's condition, will help the person to feel comfortable and easily fall asleep. For employees who regularly mobilize the mind, it is easy to fall into stress, insomnia so a smooth spring mattress will be an effective assistant to regain the spirit.

- Maximum protection for the spine:

The spring frame system has good elasticity, creating high bearing capacity and reducing the impact level of transmission. Power springs designed around the mattress create stability, increase durability on the side of the mattress, support the body, keep the spine in a natural state and help the whole body including the head, shoulders, back, The hips and legs are fully relaxed when you sleep.

In particular, with the pocket spring mattress independent of flatness, reasonable rigidity, support harmonizes every body angle such as head, shoulders, back, hips, thighs and legs, so good for blood circulation, avoid sagging of the spine and not causing back pain, aches and pains after waking up. In addition, spring mattress is a mattress recommended by doctors for children of bone growth age or for older people, the elderly, people with back pain. In addition, the mattress does not suffer from subsidence in the middle after many years of use because of good elasticity, helping to protect the health of the best spine users.

- Good resilience:

Spring mattresses come in two types, including pocket spring mattresses (each spring is wrapped in a separate fabric bag) and the linked spring mattress (springs are arranged parallel to each other). The spring system is made of stainless steel with a spiral design, ensuring springs with high toughness, good pressure and durability during use.

The spring-bearing system helps the mattress to have good elasticity, smoothness, no shaking when you turn yourself, without affecting the sleep of the next person. Spring density is much and reasonably arranged, rigid and durable springs to maintain flatness, good elasticity after many years of use and cushioning without sagging in the middle.

- Exquisite design, elegance:

 Spring mattresses are manufactured according to the advanced modern technological lines of Europe to produce mattresses that meet the quality and aesthetics requirements of products. With a Bonnel spring system higher than 14cm combined with a liner to create a smoothness, help you feel comfortable in all sleeping positions. Luxurious and modern mattress design with a mattress of high quality, smooth fabric, adorn your bedroom interior space with extra warmth You can choose colors and patterns to match mattress with feng shui as well as wall painting, curtains, interior decoration style, creating a harmonious and eye-catching living space.

- Durable:

With prestigious product lines, quality pocket spring mattresses often have an average warranty of 10 years or more. Or the time to use the mattress may be longer if you know how to preserve it well, regularly cleaning and turning to increase the durability and beauty of the mattress.

- Bring a cool, cool feeling:

 Spring mattress is also lined with a layer of pressed cotton, coconut fiber, thick foam, to create stiffness, flat, smooth feeling for the lying. Many high quality spring mattress products also incorporate spring technology with natural rubber material, which helps users to experience good elasticity and experience smoothness and comfort in sleep. You will have a good and refreshing sleep after a hard working day to prepare energy for the new day.

 The structure of the inner spring helps the mattresses to have a high air permeability, enabling maximum air circulation, sweat and moisture to escape quickly. Besides, the mattress layer is made of high-quality fabric with good moisture absorption, antibacterial, and good protection for users' health.

Besides the outstanding advantages, spring mattress has many different designs for customers to choose such as: Dunlopillo spring mattress, Lien A, Van Thanh, Kim Cuong, Lotus, Edena ... mattress with The price is quite rich, suitable for many households as well as the business scale of hotels, motels or luxury resorts. Spring mattress prices range from a few million to several tens of millions, depending on the brand, the size of the mattress.

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