Mousse Roll

Nệm mousse

Mousse Roll
  • Mousse Roll

Mousse Roll

Code : NM-09

Production : CTY Anh Dũng

Specification : Nhiều kích cỡ

Type : D16,D20,D25,D30,D40

Hotline: 0908 886 621 (Mr Anh Dũng)

Product description

Anh Dung Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. The company specializes in manufacturing mattresses, spring mattresses, machines for mattress industry.

We can make specifications according to customers' requirements. The springs are made of good steel with high elasticity and a variety of rich and diverse designs for you to choose from.

All products of Anh Dung Plastic Co., Ltd. are warranted. We have a truck system for free delivery within Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to mattress products, the company also produces all kinds of machinery, equipment, raw materials for Polyurethane industry.

With a team of professional engineers who are always creative and skilled, the products created meet the standards of design and quality. Machinery products of Anh Dung Plastic Co., Ltd have been sold to domestic and foreign markets.

Order hotline: 0908 886 621


Quality products

Diverse products & services

Genuine goods at discounted prices

Peace of mind when shopping

Always committed to quality

High discount

Thoughtful service

Fast delivery in 24 hours

Hotline for both T7 and CN


Add: No.3 Ho Hoc Lam, Ward 16, District 8, HCMC

Hotline: 0908 886 621 (Mr Anh Dung) -  Fax: (08) 980 1306



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