How to Handle Efficient Mattresses Wet

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How to Handle Efficient Mattresses Wet

Many people not only use mattress for sleeping but also do many things in bed such as eating, reading, ... especially for young children who like to play on the mattress will be difficult to avoid the mattress being wet, dirty in many ways. Mothers with small children are sure to be familiar with their "pee bed". So how to handle dirty water from the mattress? The following article will provide some quick and effective ways to handle wet mattresses that you need to find out right before the mattress gets moldy and smells good!

1. How to handle wet rubber mattresses?

The first step you need to take is to remove the mattress immediately and clean it. Then use a dry towel or a wet towel to fully wipe the water on the mattress, wipe it over and over again, combined with the fan to speed up the drying process. Note, for rubber mattresses, you should not use hair dryers or irons too long on the mattress will cause the rubber to melt and damage. If the water stains too much, to quickly dry it, you can add a newspaper on the mattress and then use the hair dryer quickly.

For babies' paws, mothers can use a dry cotton towel to absorb it and pour some clean water into the baby's pee, then continue to soak it dry. Repeat 2-3 times to ensure cleaner. In the last time, you need to remove the bad smell for the mattress, you put some perfume in the water and pour it into the dirt. Use a fan to dry the mattress quickly.

If the mattress needs to clean a large space or wash the mattress, you should bring it to dry but pay attention to avoid the sun, placing the mattress in the shade will not damage and reduce the durability of the rubber mattress.

For a period of time if your baby pats many times and leaves a bad smell, contact your home cleaning service right away to make sure the mattress is clean, properly handled and safe for your baby to sleep.

2. How to handle a wet spring mattress?

For spring mattresses, you can use soda water to spray on the surface of the mattress, because soda is alkaline, so it can effectively eliminate odor and stains. Then use a vacuum to dry this soda water.

In order to avoid multiple wet mattresses that are moldy, damaged and have a bad smell, you can equip a mattress with a waterproof jacket under the mattress layer. Waterproof sheet will absorb water, easy to wash and dry.

3. What is the treatment for wet cotton mattresses?

Similar to a rubber mattress, use a wet towel to soak the water on the pressed cotton mattress and use a newspaper to cover the surface and then dry it with a hair dryer.

Water stains caused by babies, mothers need to use alcohol 90 degrees C poured on dirty place about 1-2 hours. At this time, the mattress is dry and the alcohol has evaporated and carried unpleasant odors off your baby's mattress.

Should regularly bring mattresses to the sun to kill bacteria, avoid mold and smell.

Hopefully the article will help equip you with more knowledge about mattress hygiene for you at home simply and efficiently. Remember to keep your mattress clear, clean, avoid moisture and bacteria that appear to affect your family's health.


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