Instructions for Cleaning the Correct Mattress

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Instructions for Cleaning the Correct Mattress

Besides taking care of your sleep, you must also take good care of your health by cleaning your mattress regularly. Sweat, dirt is a source of bacteria, moldy bacteria that appear inside the mattress, causing skin and respiratory diseases.

Step 1: Let your mattress "alone"

First you have to move all the belongings and items that are in bed, such as pillows, decorative pillows, blankets, teddy bears, toys, ... out of your bed. Then remove the pillow cover, the duvet cover to bring it to clean with the mattress cover.

Step 2: Remove the mattress cover

Remove the mattress cover and rinse off the dirt, then wash it with the pillow case, the duvet cover. Normally, depending on the type of bedspread material, there are different ways to wash according to the instructions, but most are advised to soak the sheets with warm water dissolving less soap for 30 minutes to drain kill bacteria, then lighten for clean. You can use the washing machine, but leave it to light wash mode.

Step 3: Clean the intestinal mattress

- Vacuuming: First need to remove dirt, dead skin, hair from the mattress. Use a stick to hit the mattress with dirt on the surface of the mattress and use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. It is recommended to use a special vacuum cleaner with a large brush, a long suction nozzle to remove dust from the grooves, edges and edges of the mattress. The mattress should be vacuumed once a month to prevent dust and dirt from damaging your skin and health.

- Handling of stains: It is not easy to clean stains and stains on the mattress if you do not know how to handle and unclear the causes of these stains.

  • For common stains: just clean the mattress with bleach solution extracted from citrus. Spray the solution on the stain and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then use a wet towel to soak up the solution but be careful not to use too much water.
  • For blood or urine stains: Use old oxygen to pour on dirty areas, use cloth, clean towels to absorb stains immediately afterwards. If you haven't seen the effect yet, try dissolving 2 tablespoons of aged oxygen with 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid, stirring until foaming. Use a toothbrush to dip and rub gently on the stain. Or you can pour the washing water up and scrub if the stain is too hard.
  • For top stubborn stains, use baking soda.

Step 4: Expose the mattress

Finally, you should expose the mattress to the air to dry out the stagnant water on the mattress and the bad smell and mold inside.

In order to always have a good sleeping environment, besides cleaning the mattress regularly and properly, you also need to practice your clean and clean living habits to minimize the smell, dirt and mold for the mattress For high-quality mattresses, to ensure the quality of your mattress, look for reputable mattress cleaning centers.

Wish you clean the mattress very clean and always have the most comfortable and fresh sleep!


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